Want to know your body mass index, but don’t know how to calculate it?  Formulae can calculate it for you using the numbers you put in.  The trial version offers a sample of calculations for area, perimeter, and volume.  For more options, you can purchase the app for $1.99.  Not a bad deal.

If you’re a hard core mathematician, or just really like math, you can also add your own formulae.  You’ll find the button to do that in the taskbar on the main screen.  Note that the buttons in the taskbar are different on the main screen than in the formulae.  Each category is color coded.  To access an individual formulae, just click on the corresponding tile.

Getting to the individual formulae is easy.  However, once I type in a number to compute, there’s no visible submit or calculate button to perform the final calculation.  I finally remembered to check the taskbar at the bottom, and the button was there.  It might be easier for the user if the button was right next to the calculation input box.  If that isn’t possible, it might help to have a tutorial or help guide that says where everything is.

The graphics and user interface are well done, and fit the overall purpose of the app.  I like the chalkboard look that it gives to the numbers.  Everything is large and very easy to see.  It is pretty straightforward, and there really isn’t that much to the app in general as far as tasks or actions go.

There are no reviews yet so far, so I encourage anyone interested to try out the trial version at least, and write a review.  Formulae will most likely appeal to a niche market, but offers useful calculations for anyone curious about health formulas.